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    To speed up the transformation and upgrading of Ninghai mold industry modernization

    4/9/2014 1:32:34 PM

    Research of Ninghai mould Report

    See more industry > > professional mold processing. The annual sales income of 10 thousand yuan of above scale enterprises only, the rest home professional mold manufacturing enterprises are planning business, in addition to smaller, attached to various internal mold workshop or mold group, large enterprises accounted for more than the minimum.

    Million people, about employees million people, but Ninghai mold enterprise employees generally exists in single phenomenon, such as designers are not proficient in technology, machining, assembly; fitter foreman also are not proficient in drawing, modeling. Secondly, personnel quality is not high, lack of senior talents. The main technology is the talent level is not high, especially the lack of highly educated people, regular undergraduate college graduates are not many, is the most general college graduates, graduate education is less. In addition, the mould apprentice are hard to find, also already is an open secret in the industry. These are serious constraints in the Ninghai mold development to high, fine, sharp direction.

    In addition, this year, my county is issued "several opinions" on encouraging and promoting industrial economic development and "on further advancing the industrial economy has grown steadily implementation opinions" and other industrial policy, but compared to Huangyan, Yuyao, Beilun and other surrounding areas, the county has not yet formed a special mold industry support policy, also not Huangyan in the tax preferential policies.

    Above, in strengthening the specialization, optimizing the allocation of resources, to absorb the labor employment, improve the competitiveness of the industry has played an important role in. However, the massive economy long-term accumulated in the development of some quality, structural contradictions, especially the industrial level is low, innovation ability is not strong, lack of planning guidance, platform support ineffective, slow restructuring and upgrading also gradually.

    The annual output of mould billion yuan, accounting for Ninghai industrial economy, is an important force for the industrial development of Ninghai, a major bright spot and the characteristics of the industrial economy Ninghai. In the Yangtze River Delta region and even the whole country, Ninghai mold industry has a certain influence surface. Speed up the Ninghai mold industry cluster development, continue to promote regional economic development to a modern industrial clusters, the mould industry of Ninghai and the local manufacturing industry development has a crucial role. To further understand the development road of industrial cluster of Ninghai mold industry, the demand of production factors in the traditional mould to high-grade precision mould transformation, technological innovation and management innovation, integration and optimization of regional industrial resources, gradually formed a rational division of labor, with a set of perfect, close collaboration and die industry chain, so as to realize the upgrade mold block economy transition to a modern industrial clusters.

    , cluster innovation capability

    Inch LCD TV mould, mould, automobile fuel tank to fill the domestic blank; in recent years, Ninghai mold enterprises winning in the mold "fine Award" competition, has fully demonstrated the Ninghai mold technical innovation strength. Up to now, there are provincial, municipal technology center, Ninghai mold enterprises which, Ningbo Shuanglin mould Co., Ltd. and Ninghai County town of Mold Co., the company has also established a national key laboratory. Ninghai county first injection mold factory, mold enterprise was named the national high-tech enterprises. Ninghai mold enterprises attach great importance to R & D investment, investment reached more than sales, but also pay much attention to the development and application of patent work. At present, the design and manufacture of the mould has been widely used in advanced manufacturing technology, high speed machining, precision machining, relying on the reverse digital technology, precision measurement of rapid prototyping technology and hot runner technology, gas assisted technology has been applied in the county; precision progressive die, multi cavity plastic mold, large complex the plastic mould, large precision mould was born, in the domestic leading position.

    , cluster brand culture

    The precise detection accuracy has reached micron, hit the "Ninghai mold" brand. Years, Ninghai county was Chinese Area Promotion Association awarded the "Chinese mould production base" title. Years, Ninghai county was awarded the "China mold industry base" title China mould industry association. In the year, two years, successively in Ninghai county the first injection mold factory, Ningbo Yuefei mould Co. Ltd, Ninghai Dapeng mould & Plastic Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shuanglin mould Co., Ltd., Ningbo earthquake Yu mould Co. Ltd, Ningbo Shenjiang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. enterprise made China key mold enterprise title, accounts for the national the total number of homes. Years, Ninghai mold enterprises also made the Olympic torch die for the Olympic Games, production supporting the connectors for the god seven spacecraft. In addition, Ninghai mold enterprises in establishing brand image gradually reach a consensus, such as Shuanglin group also won the A Well-Known Trademark in China, which is unique in the country die enterprise; Ninghai first injection mold factory, Ningbo Yuefei mould Co. Ltd, Ning Haidapeng plastic mould Co. Ltd. company won the title of famous brand products.

    Cluster, spatial layout

    The construction base die City, die industrial park, take the "small business into the city, large enterprises" mode, make the mold city play, strengthening public service platform, mold industrial park, large enterprises to play a role of agglomeration, and jointly promote the transformation of Ninghai mold industry upgrade.

    Die city. Through the construction of the city of mold, so that a large number of small enterprises to the urban agglomeration, the degree of industrial agglomeration improved mould. From the