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    Automobile die mould enterprise to develop high-end line is the only way which must be passed

    4/9/2014 1:29:22 PM

    Automobile die mould enterprise high-end line is the only way which must be passed to the development of automobile die mould enterprise to develop high-end line is the only way which must be passed

    Http:// 2013/12/25 source: network hits: 236 traditional Chinese version Chinese aluminium network [] last year, according to media statistics, the key mold enterprises in China reached nearly 110, among them, the stamping die accounted for about 37%, these data are strong evidence that has become a manufacturing power for automobile mould in china. However, the development of automobile mould in China is not so ideal, the technical level of high-end automotive die enterprise does not reach the standard, low technical innovation ability, this a series of new mold R & D capability and so on are restricting the development of China's automobile die industry, leading to auto mold production enterprises can not match the high-end mold die market, high-end car manufacturing needs must also rely on imports. While the domestic high-end mold enterprise occasionally because the production load problems, had to change the original and to seize the market positioning in the low-end market.

    Enterprise survival problems are solved, but because, in the low-end market profit rate is very low, leading to its investment in research and development and technology innovation funds rarely, under certain circumstances, forming a vicious spiral, so that the enterprise has not entered the development cycle of benign, due to the large domestic automotive die enterprise, make the market competition is day by day the fierce. Experts said, the domestic high-end automotive die enterprise should not only meet the traditional mold enterprise Q (quality), C (cost), T (cycle) requirements, development and application of the new technology will become the focus of future development of domestic mold mold manufacturing industry direction.

    The development direction of the die into the mold and precision multi position on behalf of the stamping die, precision and life is extremely demanding, mainly for the electronics and information industry, automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances and other ancillary. These two kinds of mold, the country has a solid foundation, and has been the introduction of foreign technology and equipment, products of individual enterprises has reached the world level, but most enterprises are still a wide gap between the total, are in short supply, more import.

    Support for ultra large scale integrated circuits, for wire 100 feet above and below the gap 0.2mm lead frame package, more than 5mm for the accuracy of precision miniature connector matching for micro motor iron core, supporting 1.6mm following and kinescope electron gun and matching precision mould is the priority among priorities of development.

    Automobile mould in China's high-end line is the only way which must be passed to the mold enterprise development, market demand and development also prompted other large and medium-sized stamping supporting large multi position progressive die should also focus on the development of.